Brussels, one of the few large airports in Europe not in our series now makes its debut in the World Airports! The really exciting feature of this DVD, besides the fact that it is nearly 5 hours long, is the fact we started filming this in 1998 when Sabena/Sobelair/Citybird/Virgin Express were still around! You will get to enjoy their fleets as this becomes another historical piece in our series. We've added some footage over the years as well and we conclude with another very nice section that was filmed in late 2012 showing the current traffic at the airport. More than 130 airlines featured!!

285 mins $29.95


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Nearly 5 hours of action!!

More than 130 airlines!

Clost to 600 Takeoffs & Landings!!!

Entire section filmed in 1998!

Includes all of Sabena's fleet!!

Views of the airport from various cockpits!


At first I did not expect much, but i bought it anyway thinking it will be an "OK" DVD, Man, was I wrong, really wrong. This is one of the best airport DVD you released. Right up there with SXM and CDG. Thanks guys !!!!

Andre Tremblay, CANADA

I was glad to see another airport DVD and this one did not disappoint as usual. Brussels Airport offers the past and the present which is wonderful to see. Seeing the airlines and liveries that are no longer around was very nostalgic. I received this as a gift from a friend and I love it :)

George Alves, USA

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