After having filmed several airport films of Tokyo and Osaka Airports we decided to make a special tour of Japan and add 6 airports we never filmed before. The tour was made mostly in 2011-12 and it features 4 hours of very different and great action!


First of all this video shows our very first footage of the Boeing 787. The airline is ANA and the livery was special for the initial deliveries. We also filmed Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya which at the time was a newer airport.

Our visit at Shimojishima was made in order to capture the training flights at the airport so you can enjoy half our of planes performing touch and go maneuvers including Airbus and Boeings!

Last but not least we visit the winter resort of Sapporo where we capture lots of snow and winter storm action which is really spectacular specially when most of the action there is the Boeing 747s.


JAPAN Airports
240 mins $29.95

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I look forward to every Just Planes airport release and this latest offering does not disappoint. On this DVD, you get multiple Japanese airports with some amazing views of aircraft and scenery. If you are a Boeing fan, this is the airport DVD for you. It’s a non- stop Boeing fest with some great liveries. As always the HD quality is great and a lot of bang for your buck. I know it’s increasingly harder to film at major airports and I want to commend Just Planes for not giving up on airport DVD’s.
George Alves, USA

One new master piece in the airport dvd’s in Just Planes.Awesome to see for the first time the B787 in action in a airport like Okayama and see the pre-flight , taxi and takeoff in a beautiful landscape……Amazing too the touch and go training in B777 and B767 in Shimojishima and the winter action in Sapporo with tons and tons of B777’s and B747’s.Fantastic the new filming crew and thanks at Just Planes for this present in dvd……All the aviation fans love your Airport dvd’s.
Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, SPAIN

This amazing DVD has it all and much more than anything that Just Planes has produced to date. It starts out with some amazing footage of the Boeing 787 and then you will be simply amazed with all of the special color schemes from the various airlines presented in this DVD. But wait when you think it can't get any better, Just Planes provides you with some amazing Winter storm footage and if that wasn't enough .... Believe it or not they captured 30 minutes of Touch and Go's being performed by wide body airliners... Even a few triple sevens. This is a must have DVD!

Gerry "Tristar" Babcock, CANADA


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