This will be the 7th time we return to LAX for a new Airport film and things could not have changed more airline, airplane, livery and traffic wise! In random order we will list just a few of the new visitors you can expect to see on this 4hr film, you will see more on the photos below and the video loaded on You Tube. Enjoy and this time we plan on returning sooner!

Hawaiian A321 Air China 787 Southwest "Shark Week"
Volaris A321 Alaska A321 "More to Love" Emirates A380 "Expo 2020"
Qantas 787 Air Canada 737MAX Level A330
Hong Kong Airlines A350 Swiss 777 China Airlines A350
Xiamen Airlines 787 All Nippon 777 "Star Wars" Delta Airlines A350
British Airways 787 Westjet 737 "Frozen" SAS A330


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FILMED :2018

TIME : 240 mins

PRICE : $20