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Our one of a kind Download Store allows you to enjoy more

than 500 Aviation Films anywhere in the world 24/7!

Downloads only require an internet connection during the download,

thereafter you can watch them anywhere/anytime without being connected to the net!

Streaming requires a computer and an internet connection.

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Downloads Instructions

The Flux Player is required to playback your purchase. Please follow the instructions below.


New Customers:

1.   Click Here to download and install the Flux Player for your platform.

2.   Close your browser.

3.   Open the Flux Player and sign-in with the email and password used during purchase.

4.   The content will appear in your Flux Player. Double-click the title or image to begin download and playback.


Returning Customers:

1.   Open the Flux Player and make certain you are signed-in with the email and password used during purchase.

2.   The content will appear in your Flux Player. Double-click the title or image to begin download and playback.



Contacting Support

If you are unable to playback your content, please open the Flux Player, select Help>Contact Support and submit a support request. You may also contact support by emailing however we can resolve your problem more quickly if you provide a good description of the problem and submit your request via the Flux Player.

Downloads Formats
If you want to be able to burn a DVD copy of a video or for the older titles where the newer HD version is now available.
If you want a higher picture quality, specially when watching the videos on a large screen TV. No burning is available with the HD Downloads!
Streaming NEW!

Effective October 2017 we offer streaming as follows :

- Only the HD versions can be streamed at this time (DVD to follow next year)

- Works on computers using the current Chrome or Firefox Browsers

(Mobile device users should use the Flux Player App)

Go To our Download Store

Go to My Account and choose My Content, then click on Web Player and login.

Missing Video

If for some reason you do not see the purchased video in your flux player

please contact SALES by Email and include the title and format you ordered.

Please DO NOT contact Paypal as that will delay the process!

For Paypal users
Once you've downloaded a program there will be no refunds!
We get many requests for the Names of the tracks we use in our productions, unfortunately because our library is over 500 pieces of music and has been licensed over a 20 year period we do not keep them by Names but rather by genre.


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