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Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with order procedures at Just Planes,
this will ensure smooth processing of your orders and no surprises at the end. Thank you!

Important Information

Concerning the formats of programs being release from January 2015!
Please be very careful to select the correct download as this can NOT be changed afterwards!


Our new HD Download format is a higher resolution video than our existing SD (DVD) Download.
This download comes with unlimited viewing however it does NOT include the option to burn to a disc!


The regular DVD format that has been in our Download store since 2013.

This download comes with unlimited viewing and included the option to burn 1 DVD.


In 2015 we plan on selecting half a dozen of our most popular cockpit programs and releasing then on Blu-ray.

The limited run could sell out quickly and once sold out it will become available as an HD Download.


Opening Schedules

Our warehouse operates Monday through Thursday (Friday only for wholesale!)

Our warehouse is now open! 
We will be closed on national Holidays!



Order Processing

Please allow 4 to 6 Business Days for your order to be processed and shipped out.

Most orders will be shipped out faster depending on volume when you place your order.
Media Mail orders can occasionally take longer to process depending on backlog!






Watch program immediately!

No Shipping Fees/No Duties & Taxes


Hi-Definition / Fantastic Quality

Collectable Case for your library

We have 4 sold out titles that are being re-released in a very limited run over the next few weeks. That will end our DVD production. Future new titles will only be reelased on Blu-ray and most will also be made available for DownLoad. Available DVD titles will continue to be available until they are sold out!


Please note that as long as a DVD is available that title will not become available for download (except the initial 2 titles launched on March 8th!)

On March 8th 2013 we are introducing this new service to our customers You will be able to download a program and litterally start watching it on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet... within a few seconds! You will also be able to burn a DVD of the program (Windows computers only).


The benefits of Downloads are instant delivery, savings on shipping and taxes and the capability to finally watch our programs on all sorts of devices!

Since the introduction of our 1st Blu-ray in 2011 their popularity has grown tremendously! Today this is the way to enjoy our great Cockpit & Airport programs in widescreen Hi-Definition! Once you've seen one of our Blu-ray programs you'll never want to go back to DVD!


The benefits of Blu-rays are the most amazing level of quality and having a great looking Box/Case for your Aviation Collection/Library!

Click below to visit our Just Planes Shop for all DVDs as long as they continue to be available.

Sold Out DVDs will not be re-released!


Click below to visit our new DownLoad Shop for complete details and FAQ as well as programs you can currently already download!


Click below to visit our new Blu-ray Store where you will find both our Flight in the Cockpit series and World Airports series!





For orders placed on our websites

**Minimum order is always $15**

For orders placed by mail

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

as well as Moneyorders. Checks can not be accepted!


Shipping Address

Please read this information before ordering.

You are a New Customers until 6 months after your 1st order is shipped.

You become an Existing Customers 6 months after your 1st order is shipped.



Other Countries
New Customers

You order has to ship

to the Billing Address

For orders of 2 or more DVDs

we may request further verification

Existing Customers

(6 months after 1st order)

Your order can be shipped to any address in the US.

We're only responsible for orders shipped by UPS Ground!!

No further verification needed unless you change the original address

On occasion we have to do an extensive verification process which might delay your order.


Shipping Cost/Time

Below is the current Shipping Cost which is subject to change without notice

and includes processing, packaging, packaging material, postage and insurance

Country USA Canada Europe Brazil Rest of World











Mail Mail Mail Mail

$ 5.00

+ $0.25




$ 8.00

+ $0.50




$ 12.00

+ $0.50




$ 20.00

+ $0.50




$ 10.00

+ $1.00




$ 14.00

+ $2.00




$ 15.00

+ $2.00




$ 14.00

+ $2.00




Estimated Ship Time

2 to 3


3 to 5


3 to 6




2 to 3


2 to 6


4 to 8


4 to 8



** The Estimated Ship Time starts counting from the day your order is shipped, not when the order is placed!

You will get an email confirmation indicating what day your order was shipped.


International Orders

If you are located outside the USA and you place an order for our DVDs, know that

you are responsible for any import/customs taxes/fees

that could be charged to you when the package arrives in your country.

The Shipping & Handling fee we charge only covers packaging, insurance and the shipping cost.


Address Error

Please be very clear and correct when entering your address, city, postal/zip code, apartment number etc..

If you make a mistake Just Planes will not be responsible for any delay or loss of your package.

We will need to wait until your package is returned to our warehouse and will re-ship it out to you at your expense.

Also keep in mind that UPS will charge a fee if the address you enter is not correct.


Order Status

You will receive an order confirmation within seconds of placing your order, the confirmation

includes a link to check your order status which will be updated once your order has been shipped.

You will also receive an email confirming that your order has been shipped.

If there is a problem with your order we will email you

If you would like a tracking number for your domestic US order, please use UPS Ground.


Return Policy

Within 30 days of receipt of your order, you may return or exchange a dv

provided it is unopened and in its original packaging.
To do this you need to request a return authorization from Just Planes Videos.
Shipping cost are the responsibility of the customer.
Once a dvd is opened it cannot be returned.
Defective dvds will be replaced by the same title at no charge provided

you report the problem within 30 days of receiving the order.
During our $5 Sale defective DVDs we will not be responsible for additional shipping charges.



Please note that once a program is downloaded it can not be refunded.



DVD Information

Our dvd's are in the NTSC format.
NTSC dvd's play fine on 97% of players around the world.

Since 2005 we have had no reports of our DVDs not working in any part of the world.
For those in Europe with PAL players, check your setting. If you have a PAL/NTSC/AUTO setting,

make sure your play our dvd's with NTSC or AUTO setting.

Our dvd's are set to Zone 0 and will work in all of the world's zones which are

On some of our programs we make use the left and right channels for different recordings.

You need to listen to the dvds in Stereo to make sure you hear everything.

If you listen in Mono you may be missing the recording in one of the channels, for example

what the pilots are saying so make sure both the left and right channels are connected

from your dvd player to your tv.


Blu-ray Information

You will need a Blu-ray player in order to pay the Blu-rays however you can play DVDs on Blu-ray players as well!
Our Blu-rays are formatted to play in all zones.



Every single day we receive questions about the music we use in our productions.

Please note that all the music is licensed production music not sold in stores.

It is not something you can purchase on iTunes or similar stores.

Enjoy it on our programs!





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