FILMED : 2013

TIME : 240 mins

PRICE : $20

Sexy action from Maho Beach & the Sunset Bar!

Filmed during an entire week for complete variety!

Jetblast from this incredible beach!

Cockpit flights to St Barths & Saba!

Released as a DVD-Download on March 27th, 2014!  Click Here

You are in for a very special treat here! For our 1st Airport Blu-ray we picked the most exciting place on earth to enjoy a mix of planes, sea/sand/sun and off course the girls that populate Maho Beach and the world famous Sunset Bar! Once you see this 4 hour program you're going to want to pack your bags and head straight for the airport to spend your week at St Maarten like our crew did to capture the incredible arrivals & departure from the beach. In addition we filmed some nice cockpit arrivals to St Maarten and went on excursions to St Barths and Saba Island to bring you incredible views of the approaches and departures from those 2 famous airports. ENJOY!