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St Maarten is without a doubt one of the coolest airports for watching planed land and takeoff. This is our 4th film at an airport we've been visiting for nearly 20 years and it remains very popular with all aviation enthusiasts! The sad thing is this is likely the last time we were able to capture the 747 in action here as the island is no longer served by the "Queen of the Skies" On a happier note for the first time we've included 2 other amazing little airports : Saba and St Barth's with the shortest runway and a runway down a hill so some really spectacular action from those 2 airports.

In total the program is 4 and a half hours long and you will get fantastic action from some of the most beautiful locations at St Maarten from right down near the action on the beach, the side of the runway, the end of the runway, across the water from up in the mountains. Don't miss this one!

SXM 2013

Cockpit programs  featuring ST MAARTEN

SXM 2000 SXM 2005



FILMED : 2016

TIME : 267 mins

PRICE : $20